This is the first exhibition to explore how Roman London commemorated death.

Sparked by the hugely significant discovery of a rare Roman sarcophagus in Southwark last summer, the Museum of London Docklands has collated over 40 years of research and archaeological work to create the first exhibition of its kind to explore the beliefs, rituals, deaths and burials in ancient London.

The sarcophagus will be on display for the first time ever and acts as a centrepiece to over 250 other objects helping to shed light on how Roman Londoners prepared their friends and family for the afterlife. Jewellery and amphorae will be on display alongside the skeletons and cremated remains of 28 ancient Londoners.

The exhbition reflects on who Roman Londoners were and raises questions of the city’s diverse past, exhibiting human remains with Black African ancestry alongside objects sourced from across the Roman Empire, showcasing London’s international connections, even in this early period of its history.

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