Statement on environmental sustainability

Our 2023-27 vision includes an aim to develop and demonstrate best practice in environmental sustainability and reduce our environmental impact now and in the future. We are in the early stages of this journey.  

As part of the first phase of this work we are undertaking a carbon audit to enable us to implement an action plan to reduce our organisational impact. We are improving the sustainability and efficiency of our building and facilities, looking at the sustainability policies and credentials of our suppliers and exploring ways to ensure the events we run are more sustainable, among other actions. We have also commissioned analysis of the carbon footprint of our investment portfolio in order to identify areas for improvement. Members of our team have undertaken carbon literacy training and we are creating an internal Green Taskforce to monitor the ongoing impact of our action plan.   

We are also thinking beyond carbon. Our flagship project for 2023, The Wild Escape, brings museums and schools together to engage children with the issues of biodiversity loss and the environment. And as a funder, we have a significant role to play in enabling museums and galleries across the UK to explore these issues too.  

We recognise that there is much work to do and we intend to hold ourselves accountable, updating this statement over time, as we work together with our staff and partners to bring about positive change.

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