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Exploring the career of one of Britain's leading 20th-century sculptors.

Elisabeth Frink was a prolific artist; she produced over 400 sculptures during the course of her career – all without the aid of studio assistants. While previous exhibitions may have tried to encompass her expansive oeuvre, this display at Lakeside takes the commissions she designed for social housing, religious buildings and other urban developments as its focus.

Bringing together plasters, prints, film, letters and other archival documents, the show explores her sculptural creations from the point of commission to final public display. Each of the artist’s three studios – in London, France and Dorset – is represented through life-size photographs which capture her at work.

As well as drawing out the themes for which Frink has become best-known – from early in her career she decided to investigate male figures, animals and birds – the exhibition reveals the changing attitudes towards urban spaces in post-Second World War Britain, when commissioners moved past reconstruction and began to devise new agendas for public environments.

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