In commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, this exhibition looks at the development of Dazzle camouflage on ships to confuse U-boat commanders.

In 1917 U-Boat attacks threatened to knock Britain out of the war. Artist Norman Wilkinson persuaded the Admiralty that the answer lay in patterns painted on the side of ships which would confuse U-Boat commanders as to the vessel’s direction and speed.

A team of artists were recruited to create these ‘Dazzle’ designs and soon ships were sailing out looking like exhibits in an avant-garde art show.

This unique exhibition looks at the development of Dazzle and features original ship models, Dazzle plans and works made to record and celebrate the scheme.

Featured artists include Wilkinson, Edward Wadsworth, Montague Dawson, John Everett and many more on loan from national, regional and private collections.

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