Coded Chimera is the first of two new exhibitions part of a special initiative supported by the Art Fund's RENEW scheme.

Taking place at the Tower Building, University of Dundee, exploring the enduring influence of the institution's first Professor of Biology, D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson. Thompson's famously unconventional publication On Growth and Form has appealed to artists as much as scientists since its publication almost a century ago.Coded Chimera is comprised of works by the sculptor Bruce Gernand investigating the concept of morphogenesis " the process by which an organism acquires its form " which was also Thompson's particular area of interest. Gernand has worked alongside the Natural History Museum, using digital scans of specimens from their collection and reconfiguring them to create hybrid creatures. These creations hark back to ancient myths such as the Sphinx and the Chimera, both of which were composed of parts from many different animals.Models and diagrams are shown alongside the sculptures, further illustrating the similarities between the creative process of sculpture and the mechanical processes outlined by Thompson.Find out more about the Art Fund's RENEW scheme.

Lamb Gallery

Tower Building University of Dundee Dundee, DD1 4HN

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