Visit to Michael Lloyd's Workshop


This visit promises to be a fascinating insight into the life of one of Britain's leading silversmiths of today. Michael describes himself as a compulsive maker. Certainly his beautiful chased silver and gold vessels illustrate a profound understanding of both materials and techniques. Inspired by the natural world, his work becomes, in his own words 'an act of homage both to our landscape and to our increasingly fragile sense of creativity'. His sense of continuity with a tradition he built upon as a student in Birmingham and later at the Royal College of Art may be seen in much of his commissioned work, including the millennium chalice for York Minster, the Mace for the Scottish Parliament and the Queen's golden jubilee bowl. He is currently working on a series entitled 'Twelve Vessels of Life, Love and Death' to be exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in the latter half of 2010.

Michael is delighted to talk to ten Art Fund members in his studio, so numbers are limited to each visit.

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