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Celebrating the portraitist's connections with Hastings and St Leonards, which features as a backdrop to many of her paintings.

Figurative painter Chantal Joffe makes regular visits to Hastings with her family, where she spends her time sitting on the beach drawing. She is well known for populating her work with female characters – admitting in 2009: 'I really love painting women. Their bodies, their clothes; it all interests me' – and in this series she focuses particularly on her daughter and niece.

Source images include family photographs, advertising and fashion magazines, but Joffe likes to introduce distortions to her depictions. Painting in large, rough brushstrokes, she embraces stray drips of paint, and sometimes leaves old outlines visible.

Bringing together examples of her work from over the last 13 years with specially-created new pieces, this highly-personal group of portraits provide an insight into Joffe's inner world.

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