Conflict and Collisions: New Contemporary Sculpture

The Hepworth Wakefield

1 October 2014 – 25 January 2015

Coinciding with the centenary of the First World War, the Hepworth Wakefield’s latest exhibition isn’t one show, but three solo exhibitions linked by an overarching interest in the evolution of warfare.

German artist Alexandra Bircken presents ‘Eskalation’, a showcase of her latest works featuring her four-part 2014 work BUFF – a reference to the nickname of the American B-52 bomber that has been a ubiquitous presence in warfare since its introduction in 1955.

'The Holy Land’, a newly commissioned work by Dutch artist Folkert De Jong, draws on the Royal Armouries Museum collections for a striking installation populated by bronze casts of Henry VIII’s suits of armour and 20th-century weaponry.

Finally, British artist Toby Ziegler juxtaposes First World War memorial art with shocking images of 21st-century ‘war porn’ showing casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan. Ziegler’s three-part sculptural installation features a monumental sculpture of a human foot alongside Charles Sergeant Jagger’s 1919–20 memorial frieze No Man’s Land – its first public appearance in over 20 years.

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Mon – Sun, 10am – 5pm
Last Wednesday of every other month, 10am – 9pm

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