Prophecies, Histories, Legends and Law

Christ Church Picture Gallery

20 February – 9 June 2013

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Master drawings and prints of dramatic scenes from the Hebrew Bible, from Adam and Eve to David and Goliath.

Hugo van der Goes (1437-82), The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel

The exhibition showcases some of the most outstanding works on paper from the Christ Church collection, including one of the most coveted Old Master drawings in existence, The Meeting of Jacob and Rachel by Hugo van der Goes (1437-82). This large composition depicts one of the most important love stories of the Old Testament, symbolising the origins of the twelve tribes of Israel.

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Other highlights include Albrecht Dürer’s woodcuts of Adam and Eve and an intense miniature print by Hans Sebald Beham of the same topic, dramatising the sexual awakening of the first couple. The intriguing story of Lot and his daughters, the only survivors of Sodom and Gomorrah, is represented in a drawing by Hans Speeckaert, and in more detail in a group of prints by the German Renaissance artist Heinrich Aldegrever.

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