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This is the third in a multidisciplinary series of programmes emphasising collective production and learning.

In Formation is a series of presentations, workshops, performances and events which reimagine the spaces of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, considering how they are utilised and activated by public discourse, and questioning notions of the ‘civic’ institution.

In formation III is galvanised by considerations of humanity and the psyche. The programme spans critical questions around the science of the mind and its fixing of notions of humanity, experiences of individual and collective care, and explorations beyond the ‘rational’ mind.

There are contributions from filmmakers, artists, writers, scholars, choreographers and musicians, including Tristam Adams, Mitchell Akiyama, Khairani Barokka, Camille Barton, Ya-Ya Bones, Grégoire Breil, Clément Cogitore, Crip research group (formed by Leah Clements with Rebecca Bligh, Uma Breakdown, Elena Colman, Alice Hattrick, and Lizzy Rose), Rahila Gupta, Zethu Maseko, Boris Mitić, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Nzinga Soundz, Oleksiy Radynski and Mina Rose.

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