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A portrait of the German artist known for the emotional power of her drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

Kollwitz (1867-1945) lived a life of intense self-examination, expressed in her numerous self-portraits, diaries and correspondence. At the core of this existence was her work as an artist and a mastery of graphic art which quickly established her reputation in Germany, then further afield as her influence spread internationally after the First World War.

Her unique talent, technical prowess and intelligence, and above all her humanity, can be seen in this exhibition.

There is much about the life and work of Kollwitz that instils hope, despite the burden of hardship and sorrow carried by so many of her figures. Her emphasis was often on what was distinctive about women's experience, including the fundamental nature and potency of maternal love. She believed that art could be a force for good in society.

The exhibition is organised in partnership between Ikon and the British Museum and is generously supported by the Dorset Foundation.

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