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Grayson Perry turns his attention to portraiture in order to explore the nuances of British identity.

Turner Prize winner, Grayson Perry, has created 14 portraits as part his new Channel 4 series, Who Are You? in which he sets out to explore 'our slippery sense of who we feel we are'. ​In each of the three episodes Perry spends time with Britons who are facing a moment in their lives in which they need to define their identity. He then distils his impressions of the meetings into a portrait of some form; either a miniature, a tapestry, a statue or a pot. The works are being displayed in this show at the National Portrait Gallery.

Among the sitters is politican Chris Huhne, who Perry visited on the day of his release from prison. The artist's other subjects include a young female-to-male transsexual, X-Factor and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Rylan Clark, a pair of deaf parents, a Muslim convert and a couple living with Alzheimers.

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