Jim Shaw: The Rinse Cycle

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

9 November 2012 – 17 February 2013

Presidents and snakes as stars and stripes, comic books as fine art – enjoy the first British survey of a uniquely American postmodernist.

Jim Shaw, Capitol Viscera Appliances, 2011

Jim Shaw first received mainstream exposure in the UK through Thrift Store, an exhibition of his collection of paintings by unknown amateurs amassed from car boot sales and second-hand stores. Over a decade later, BALTIC hosts the first British survey of Shaw's own work, from corrupted flags to imaginary novels.

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The show's most narrative-driven work, My Mirage, follows the artist's alter-ego Billy through a troubled middle-American adolescence: a childhood love of comic books, subsequent descent into drug addiction, and ultimate redemption as a reborn Christian.

Dream Drawings, a night-by-night account of Shaw's dreams between 1991 and 2000, provide an exhaustive repository of images and motifs that he would draw upon for his later sculpture series Dream Objects.

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Mon, Wed – Sun, 10am –​ 6pm
Tue,10.30am –​ 6pm

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