Five inspiring gardens

Published 13 May 2013

We've picked our favourite outdoor art gardens across the country, from sea-front sculptures to Hertfordshire hamlets.

1. Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Yorkshire
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Over 60 sculptures by internationally-acclaimed artists populate this magnificent stretch of Yorkshire hillside, situated in the historic Bretton Estate. A dynamic exhibition programme, which brings new works to the park every season, helps make YSP one of the world's leading outdoor art galleries.

2. Painshill Park, Surrey
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Created between 1738 and 1773, Painshill is now a wonderland covering 158 acres, featuring a crystal grotto, a romantic ruined abbey, a magical Gothic temple, a Turkish tent and the exotic Gothic tower.

3. Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden, Cornwall
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Joined to St Ives's waterfront Tate gallery, the Barbara Hepworth Museum occupies the studios and gardens where Hepworth lived, and which were given to the nation following her death. Today the gardens are home to some of her most magnificent bronzes, displayed in the surroundings for which they were created.

4. The Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, Hertfordshire
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The Hertfordshire hamlet of Perry Green was home to Henry Moore and his family from 1940. Today, the estate and its gardens have been transformed into a global centre for displaying and researching Moore's work, and the grounds host an unparalleled collection of Moore's grand sculptures.

5. Ham House, London
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Ham House's beautiful grounds by the Thames are perfect for a verdant escape to the edge of the capital. The wonderful gardens include the photogenic Cherry Garden, while the walnut and chestnut trees in the outer courtyard are home to an exotic flock of green parakeets.

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