Video: Jake and Dinos Chapman

Published 16 September 2013

We meet Jake and Dinos Chapman at their studio to find out more about The Chapman Family Collection – where fast food meets ethnography.

On first sight, The Chapman Family Collection appears to be a selection of African wooden carvings. Take a closer look, and you'll find cheeseburgers, fries and Ronald McDonald among the fetish objects.

The collection was first exhibited at the White Cube in 2002, and was acquired by Tate Britain in 2007 with help from the Art Fund. In our short film, art historian Rosie Rockel meets Jake and Dinos Chapman to find out more this iconic work – and to ask: how much fast food do they really eat?

The Chapman Family Collection is at Tate Britain until 2 February 2014.

The new Tate Britain, home to some of the world’s most important British art, will be fully reopened on 19 November.

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