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This exhibition spans Paolo Scheggi's entire career, including his most famous works formed of overlapping layers of canvas pierced by biomorphic or geometric openings.

Born in Florence, Paolo Scheggi (1940-1971) was one of the protagonists of Spatialism and the neo-avant-gardes of the 1960s.

The exhibition is the first to be dedicated to the artist by a museum in Britain, and spans his brief yet endlessly inventive career. Scheggi is best-known for his vibrant canvases incorporating elliptical or circular openings. However, he was a multifaceted artist whose work embraced many spheres of creative activity with striking coherence. In Depth features Scheggi’s early works in sheet metal, as well as the iconic Reflected Zonesand Intersurfaces of the 1960s, which were constructed from three brightly coloured layers of canvas.

It also explores Scheggi’s extension of the artwork into space through sculptural installations and environments, as well as his theatrical and performance projects of the late 1960s. The show concludes by considering the conceptual works of the early 1970s, and includes examples of Scheggi’s collaboration with the worlds of theatre and fashion.

Exploring the relationship between the viewer and the artwork, Scheggi’s paintings and constructions provide an immersive, interactive experience that takes us beyond the surface of things in more than just a literal sense.

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