At 41, Fujimoto is the youngest architect to ever design the gallery's temporary pavilion.

The award winning Japanese architect joins other prestigious designers including Ai Wei Wei and Zaha Hadid in taking on the Serpentine commission, his efforts resulting in a structure that lies somewhere between nest and cave.

Throughout Fujimoto's career he has looked at ways in which to blend organic forms with artificiality and for this project he cites the landscape of Kensington Gardens as the inspiration for the 350-square-metre latticed structure.

While it may be made of 20mm rods of steel, the pavilion has a distinctly light weight appearance, owing to a series of semi transparent discs and open holed spaces that allow it to blend into its surrounding.

A trip to the pavilion is truly an immersive experience, with visitors invited to climb the structure from the inside and explore its many varying levels, stopping at different vantage points to drink, chat and enjoy the spectacular garden views.

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