Special tour of the Palace of Westminster with Traditional Cream Tea on the Terrace

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A repeat visit due to popular demand, the exclusive chance to explore the Houses of Commons and Lords in the historic Royal Palace of Westminster. It is an intricate labyrinth, with its existing buildings containing nearly 1,200 rooms, 100 staircases and well over 2 miles of passages. A private guided tour will include Westminster Hall, both voting chambers and various State Rooms.

Following the tour you can climb Big Ben (limited places) or visit the Jewel Tower. The watch the time-honoured procession of the Speaker of the Commons through the Voting Lobby into Chamber, as well as watch the day's debates in the voting chambers before relaxing on the terrace overlooking the Thames for a traditional English Cream Tea.

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45 to include Cream Tea. Apply to Anna Robertson, 01622 851616 11am to 5pm
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