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| Croxdale Hall

The Salvin family came to Croxdale in 1402 and have held the property ever since. The Hall, a Grade 1 listed building, dates from the 17th century but had major alterations made to it in the mid 18th century probably with designs by John Carr, and later by James Wyatt. There is also a disused12th century chapel in the grounds which once housedthe Roman Catholic priests who served as Chaplains to the family. We will be given a private tour of the house by a member of the fmaily and of the farden, which is famous for having one of the longest crinkle-crankle walls in the country.

Venue information

Croxdale Hall

Near Durham City

Entry details

£15 includes private guided tour, tea and biscuits

Please make cheques payable to The Durham Art Fund and enclose an SAE to Sandra Pollard, The Old Vicarage, Eryholme, Darlington, DL2 2PF Tel. 01325 720525

2pm-4.30pm Meet in the Courtyard, maps will be sent with tickets
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