Unique daguerreotype portrait of the Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) and her daughter Julia Hay Cameron, who later gave her mother her first camera.

The photographer is unknown but it is possible that the image was made in Calcutta as both mother and daughter were there until January 1845, after which 'Little Julia' returned to England for three years. The case is inscribed by the daughter 'Feb 10th 1845. This for me to keep', and probably at a later date by her mother 'Given to my Julia by her request - her own choice.' Julia Hay Cameron died in childbirth in her early 30s, at which point the portrait appears to have been returned to her mother.


Julia Margaret Cameron; by descent; collection of the Luckock family (Thomas Luckock, Joanna Holder, Andrew Luckock and Margaret de Courcy-Ireland).

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