These watercolours show classic topographical views in the lower Wye Valley by a significant English watercolourist and also contain historical and industrial detail.

The New Weir view depicts barges on the river pulled by teams of men known as bowhauliers, and the iron forge at Symond's Yat. It is an unusual view downstream over the leat and the weir. The Coldwell picture shows the river upstream from New Weir, looking towards Symond's Yat Rock, the high promontory in the centre. The Wye Valley became a popular destination for artists and tourists exploring the British landscape in the wake of William Gilpin's Observations on the River Wye of 1773, setting out his theory of 'picturesque beauty'. Monmouth was a major beneficiary of the 'Wye Tour' as the mid-point on the two-day journey from Ross to Chepstow.


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