The 10 dresses were part of Doris Langley Moore's original collection of historic dress and featured in Langley Moore's 1949 book, 'The Woman in Fashion', being worn by well-known figures of the time.

1) silk and lace evening dress, circa 1838; 2) wool day dress trimmed with silk rosettes, mid 1840s; 3) cotton child's dress, circa 1863, worn by Lynn Redgrave; 4) cotton dressing gown, circa 1875; 5) silk walking dress, circa 1889; 6) satin and velvet visiting dress, 1894; 7) silk tea gown, circa 1900; 8) satin court dress and train, circa 1900; 9) striped silk afternoon dress, circa 1901 worn by Margot Fonteyn; 10) wool and silk walking ensemble, circa 1903.


Doris Langley Moore collection; Helen R Larson; by descent.

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