1) 'At a party', caricature of a man seen from behind; a man in profile holding a tray and glasses; and part of a woman's figure; 2) William Ross and a Lady 'in a parlour'; 3) Study of a dog holding a glove in its mouth; 4) Study of a dog holding a pheasant in its mouth; 5) Two studies of Georgiana, Duchess of Bedford; 6) Study of a small boy (recto) and a riding party (verso); 7) Study of the mother for 'A Highland Breakfast'; 8-9) Hastings: the Old Town; 10) Study of a Belgian peasant girl; 11-12) Study of a Baby's Head and Feet; 13) Sketch of the composition of 'Time of Peace'; 14) Study for 'Flood in the Highlands'.


Sidney Claridge Turner; National Loan Collection Trust.

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