1) 'Venus and Cupid', after Richard Westall, RA, engraved by R M Meadows; 2) 'Hope and Fortune' after IB Cipriani, engraved by L Minasi, a pupil of F Bartolozzi; 3) 'Le Miroir Cassé after S.

A.S.E de Saxe, engraved by Chevillet (illustrated here); 4) Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton' after C Read, engraved by J Finlayson; 5) La Mère Indulgente' after PA Wille, engraved by L Lempereur; 6) 'Lady Stafford' after T Phillips, engraved by C Turner. The drawings are part of a gift of 17 works presented to 7 public collections in 1933.


Mrs Holliday (wife of Alfred Rich)

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