A collection of 24 private press books including Michael Raeburn et al, 'The Green Frog Service', 1995, by Caclegoose Press, London (in association with The State Hermitage, St Petersburg), 240/1000; 'John Piper's Stowe' with a foreword by Piper, Hurtwood Press (in association with Tate Gallery), 169/186; Alfred Lord Tennyson, 'In Memoriam', 1933, The Nonesuch Press, London; and works from Acorn and Whittington Press; Whittington Press including the 'Matrix' (illustrated here); Stanbrook Abbey Press; The Merrion Press; The Ark Press; Christopher Skelton at The September Press; Anvil Press; The Pelican Press; Demi-Griffin Press and Ceolfrith 46.

Part of a bequest to five museums by Gillian Dickinson through the Art Fund in 2002.

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