1) The Fall of Angels 21 x 11 cms; 2) Adam and Eve, 18 x 12 cms; 3) The Last Judgement, 20 x 12 cms which shows de Brailes being rescued from hell by an avenging angel and bears the artist's signature - one of the very few self-portraits to survive by any medieval master; 4) The Wheel of Fortune and Story of Theophilus; 5) Christ and His Ancestor David, 21 x 13 cms; 6) The Tree of Jesse, 18 x 11 cms (main illustration) showing the sleeping figure of Jesse, from whom sprang the ancestors of Christ.


Barrois, deputy of Lille; 1849 Earl of Ashburnham; 1901 Sothebys, bought by George Thomas for the collection of Dr Rosenbach, both USA; 1920 Chester Beatty.

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