1-17) collection of 17 19th century French paperweights (illustrated), 18-27) 10 pieces of old Spanish glass; 28) glass cameo plate by Anna Ehrner, Kosta Boda; 29) Vase with coloured cane portrait drawing by William Bernstein, 1986; 30-1) Pair of Commedia dell'Arte figures for Venini, Murano; 32-3) Pair of glass birds for Venini, Murano; 34) perfume bottle with millefiori stopper; 35) smoke grey bottle, Murano; 36-39) 4 stained glass roundels of the Four Elements by Dorothea Kettlewell; 40) 18th century tableau in glazed box.

Part of a gift to 19 museums by Joan Hurst through the Art Fund in 2002.

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