Portrait of William Killigrew by Sir Anthony Van Dyck

A three-quarter length portrait of Sir William Killigrew, a courtier to Charles I and a playwright.


Oil on canvas
104.1 x 82.6 cm
Art Fund grant:
£50,000 ( Total: £450,000; Tax remission)
Acquired in:
Private vendor

Killigrew leans pensively against the base of a column, and the viewer's attention is drawn to a ring attached to his jacket by a ribbon, perhaps a sign of mourning. The features are rich with restrained emotion, and the lips slightly parted.


Presumably the Killigrew family; William Carpenter by early 19th century; sold at Phillips, 1853; Duke of Newcastle by 1857; thence by descent to 17th Earl of Lincoln and 10th Duke of Newcastle; Fine Art Society, London, 1939; WU Goodbody, 1942; thence by