Evelyn, the Honorary Secretary of the York Archaeological Society, devoted his leisure and his means to building up a collection illustrating the architecture of the City of York from the fifteenth century onwards. The paintings and drawings depict a vanished York. The collection comprises 300 engravings, 200 pencil drawings, 100 copperplates, 120 watercolours, 70 wash drawings, 50 etchings, 50 pen drawings, 80 portraits of York celebrities, and 160 lithographs. Over 500 are framed, many of them in oak from timbers rescued from the Minster fire, in 1829. Artists include Alexander Nasmyth, Thomas Girtin, Paul Sandby, Francis Nicholson, Copley Fielding Henry Cave and Francis Place. Walmgate Bar, York by Alexander Nasmyth is illustrated.


Collection of Dr Evelyn

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