This album of photographs was compiled by the Victorian artist Sir John Everett Millais.

The album is of particular significance for Aberdeen because it provides physical proof of Millais' friendship with various Aberdeen men. The album includes 4 prints by John Forbes White and 15 photographs by Mr Duffus, who was commissioned by Millais' son, John Guille Millais, to chronicle his eight-month journey through South Africa in 1893. The album also contains albumen prints taken by Lewis Carroll and the father of Beatrix Potter, Rupert Potter. One of the ealliest images in the album is a John and Charles Watkins photographic portrait of Millais (which was engraved by D J Pound). Another shows Millais, Effie and their children Effie and Mary at a window of their home at 7 Cromwell Place, London - the present offices of the Art Fund.


vendor purchased at a photographic sale at Sotheby's, Thursday 2 May 1996, lot 86 (from a private collection).

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