This collection was part of the Gordon bequest.

Mrs Gordon bequeathed a total of 153 objects to the Bowes Museum. Mrs Gordon was widow of the Bishop of Jarrow and a member of the Durham Colleges Council. 1) Tallboy, c.1780; 2) Pair of dining chairs, c.1770; 3) Semi-circular table, c.1785 (main illustration); 4) Pair of knife boxes, c.1780; 5) Pair of settees, c.1780; 6) Teacaddy with paperwork panels, c.1790; 7) Pianoforte by Haxby of York, 1791; 8) Tea- urn, c.1805; 9) Vase, c.1780; 10) Pair of candelabra after Clodion, c.1780.


Mrs M.S.Gordon.

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