An album of 15 original drawings by various artists compiled by Wolfgang Paalen to fund Surrealist publications and exhibited at the 1936 'International Surrealist Exhibition' at the New Burlington Galleries in London.

1) Untitled by Jean Arp; 2) Untitled by Hans Bellmer; 3) Les Spectacles Inachevés by Victor Brauner; 4) Untitled by Salvador Dali ; 5) Untitled by Dominguez; 6) Elle Garde son Secret by Max Ernst; 7) Untitled by Léonor Fini; 8) Untitled by S W Hayter; 9) Untitled by Maurice Henry; 10) Découverte d'un Corps Simple by Marcel Jean; 11) Untitled by René Magritte; 12) Figures and Bird by Jean Miro; 13) Untitled by Wolfgang Paalen; 14) The Freedom of the Seas by Roland Penrose; 15) Untitled by Yves Tanguy.


Penrose Collection

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