The early nineteenth century was the heyday of high-quality table glass making in Sunderland.

This hand-blown goblet was originally part of a glass wine and dessert service. The sides of the goblet are pillar cut, with horizontal beading, and the foot is deep with a petal-shaped profile. It is cut and engraved with the Lambton arms. On 12 September 1823, the Wear Flint Glass Company took part in a procession through the streets of Newcastle and Gateshead. The Tyne Mercury records 'A Prince of Wales decanter and four wines, engraved with the arms of J G Lambton Esq.' as being among the glass carried aloft by the men.


John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham; John Hutton glass collection 1992; with Delomosne Fine Antiques.

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