Thomas Fisher: 1.

) 'The House called Kingsbury opposite the Church, Dunstable', 2.) 'Sundon House', 3.) 'The Red Lion Inn, Dunstable'. George Shepherd: 1.) 'Park Street, Luton', 2.) 'The Old Carriage Entrance, Luton Hoo', 3.) 'Sundon House'. This group of drawings provides details of places in the early 19th century, some of which have long since disappeared. The antiquarian interests of Thomas Fisher are reflected in the subjects he depicted: the house called Kingsbury was on the site of a palace of King John, while John, while Charles I was supposed to have slept at the Red Lion Inn at Dunstableon his way to defeat at the Battle of Naseby in 1645. George Shepherd was the head of a family of topographical artists. His view of the Elizabethan gatehouse of the much remodelled Luton Hoo is the only one known to exist.


Collection of the Shuttleworth family; then with Abbot and Holder.

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