Titles include: 'View from Clifton Across Channel'; 'Crickhowell Castle'; 'Castleton, Denbighshire: The Cave at the Peake'; 'Llangattog, Breconshire'; 'Bridge at Llanelly'; ' Keswick Lake'; 'Raglan'; 'Tutburn'; 'Near Folkstone'; 'Cottage Inn, on Blackstone Edge'; 'Llanthony Abbey, Monmouthshire'; 'St Donats'; 'Near Grange Bridge, Borrowdale'.

One of three gifts and one bequest to 8 museums by Annette Benson, the artist's granddaughter, through the Art Fund between 1945 and 1950.


Several portfolios of drawings presented by the artist's grand-daughter Dr Annette Benson.

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