Collection includes examples of mythological, allegorical, & religious subjects.

According to 2003 audit - drawings: 1) Allegorical Figures; 2) Adonis; 3) The Death of Saint Anthony; 4) The Massacre of the Innocents (verso: a similar study); 5) The Massacre of the Innocents (verso: a similar study); 6) A Sacrifice; 7) A Bacchanal (verso: Antique Head); 8) The Adoration of a Saint; 9) The Garden of the Hesperides; 10) The Holy Family with Putti (verso: similar studies); 11) The Virgin and Child with Two Angels (verso: Male Nude); 12) Landscape; 13) Putti and a Herm; 14) A Mourning Woman and a Dead Baby; 15) Christ in the House of Simon (verso: an animal house); 16) Putti Playing in Front of Herms. According to 2003 audit - paintings: 1) The Adoration of the Shepherds; 2) The Triumph of Painting. One drawing (accession no. D4997) re-attributed to Francesco Salviati since acquisition.

Artists include


Paul Oppe; by descent, Miss Armide Oppe.

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