This drawing was twice exhibited at the Burlington Fine Arts Club ('Horne Collection, 1916, No.

4', and 'Seventeenth Century British Artists', 1938, No.48) and by the Arts Council ('Three Centuries of British Water-colours', 1951, No.4). Part of a collection of 115 works distributed to 21 public collections. Sir Edward Marsh bequeathed his modern pictures to the Contemporary Art Society and the remainder of this collection to the Art Fund for selection and distribution to suitable galleries. The drawings consist mainly of works by English artists of the 18th and 19th centuries. Perhaps the most important groups are the Romneys, Wilsons and Rowlandsons all chosen with the discriminating taste which invariably distinguished Sir Edward Marsh's acquisitions.


Horne Collection; Sir Edward Marsh

Exhibitions at Ashmolean Museum

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