Individual titles are 1) Shakespeare Nursed by 'Comedy' and 'Tragedy'; 2) Shakespeare Nursed by 'Comedy' and 'Tragedy'; 3) Study for a History Piece; 4) Study for a Lady's Portrait; 5) Study for the Painting 'Elizabeth Warren as Hebe'; 6) Study for 'Cassandra'; 7) Seated Lady, probably a study for the painting 'Elizabeth, Countess of Derby'; 8) Banquet Scene in 'Macbeth', for a Projected Painting; 9) Sketch for a Female Portrait; 10) Romantic Landscape; 11) Miss Honora Sneyd, Study for 'Serena'; 12) Master John Walter Tempest; 13) Sheet of two studies , 'Cassandra' and 'Circe'.

Part of a collection of 115 works distributed to 21 public collections.

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