The medal cabinet was designed to fill one wall of a room 444.

5 wide by 365cm high with fireplace opening 177.8 x 143cm. Maker mostly Chippendale. Central panel representing Hercules Musarum, carved by Safferen Alken. Interior by Diederich Nicholas Anderson. Purchased with three original designs by William Chambers according to 2003 audit: 1) design for ormolu plaque in right-hand cabinet; 2) section of chimney side of study showing right half of cabinet; 3) and ornaments of the frieze, cornice and pilaster, and cross sections of the surface, pilasters and doors of cabinet.


Commissioned by James Caulfield, Earl of Charlemont for his Dublin town house; P J Walsh; Earl of Iveagh installed at Elvedon by 1895; Christie's, 1984. Christopher Gibbs.

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