This work, painted in enamel colours on Wedgwood biscuit earthenware, has survived in what appears to be virtually pristine condition - its colours unfaded and its surface unmarked.

It triumphantly vindicates Stubbs' long series of experiments in painting in enamel colours on non-porous surfaces, in a determination to avoid the deterioration to which paintings in oil or canvas are liable. Stubbs' enamel paintings on Wedgwood have a more painterly quality and a less glassy finish than his enamels on copper. The appeal of this work lies in its charming image of youthful energy, the originality of its subject and its excellent condition. Believed to be a portrait of William (?) Huth Esq.


Sir Walter Gilbey; his executors' sale, Christie's, 1915, bt. Pawsey & Payne; Arthur N.Gilbey, sold Christie's, 1940, bt Agnew; Ian Greenlees; Agnew, by whom sold 1959 to Mrs Jean Garland, thence by descent.

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