Narbi Price’s Untitled Promenade Painting (Bombardment – for Theo Jones) shows the site in Hartlepool where Private Theophilus Jones was killed on 16 December 1914, the first soldier to die on British soil during the First World War.

Jones, who was manning the Heugh Battery, died during an early-morning bombardment on the town by German warships.

Price is an artist known for his paintings of places with unique stories attached to them. He was born in Hartlepool and studied at the Northern School of Art and Newcastle University.

In 2020, Price co-curated ‘Century’, an exhibition staged to mark the centenary of Hartlepool Art Gallery’s original incarnation as the Gray Museum and Art Gallery. He made Untitled Promenade Painting specially for this exhibition.


The piece has been created specifically for an upcoming 100 Anniversary exhibition, titled Century, taking place at Hartlepool Art Gallery this September. The artist, Narbi Price, has been invited to be Guest Curator for the exhibition and he has created

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