This remarkable hoard contains 6,956 Romano-British coins marking the reigns of 22 emperors – eight of whom ruled the breakaway Gallic Empire of 260-74.

Apart from one coin dating from the reign of Commodus (180-92), all the coins are copper-alloy radiates ranging in date from 251-274. The largest numbers of coins associated with individual emperors are 1,721 from the reign of Victorinus (269-71) and 1,973 from the reign of Tetricus I (271-74). The major part of the contents of the hoard can be traced back to three mints: Rome, Trier and Cologne.

The coins were found by a metal detectorist in the parish of Peover Superior in Cheshire East. They now join the three existing Roman hoards on display at the local museum in Congleton.

Artists include

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