An engraving of St Margaret of Antioch spearing a dragon appears on the bezel of this medieval gold ring, which was found by a metal detectorist on the Isle of Wight in 2018.

The ring is hand-cast and thought to date from the period 1400-1500. In addition to the image of St Margaret, it features six bands inscribed with letters spelling out the motto or phrase ‘Prenes en gré’, which translates as either ‘graciously accept’ or ‘accept with gratitude’.

St Margaret is the patron saint of expectant mothers and was a highly venerated figure in
the medieval period.

The Isle of Wight Heritage Service, which has acquired the ring for Newport Roman Villa, one of its museums, aims to tell the story of the island’s history.


The ring was found whilst using a metal detector on improved grassland in June 2018. It was reported to Frank Basford Finds Liaison Officer with the Portable Antiquities Scheme and it was declared Treasure at inquest by the Coroner. The Isle of Wight Her

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