Augustus John painted The Lady in the Green Dress (Euphemia Lamb) in 1911, the same year that he moved from London to Alderney Manor on the outskirts of Poole, Dorset.

John was already known at this time as the most celebrated young artist in Britain, famous for his dashing portraits and bohemian lifestyle.

During the 1910s John made a series of jewel-like paintings on mahogany panels of subjects including his partner, Dorelia McNeill, and Euphemia Lamb (1887-1957), wife of his artist friend Henry Lamb. John painted this portrait of Euphemia in North Wales, during a painting trip with James Dickson Innes and Derwent Lees. All three artists painted Euphemia in her green dress.

Poole Museum has a significant collection of paintings by artists with local connections, including by Henry Lamb, who also lived in the town. It acquired its first work by August John in 2018, and this portrait now becomes a major addition to the collection.


Presently owned by a private collector (Maxine Scott Bryne, Kimmeridge, Dorset)

Given to Maxine by her Aunt (Maxine cannot remember when)

Her Aunt Ling Holden-White (formerly Clegg, nee Fielding)

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