Only seven half angel coins dating from the reign of Richard III are known to be in existence, including this example that was discovered by a metal detectorist in September 2019.

The rare gold coin was found within one mile of Buckingham town centre.

The coin was minted between 1483 and 1485, during the reign of Richard III. The denomination was introduced in 1472 and was worth three shillings and four pence.The coin is named after the depiction on one of its faces showing the archangel Michael slaying a dragon. The reverse side shows an English galley, the monogram R and a rose representing the House of York.

This particularly fine example now becomes the first medieval gold coin to enter the collection of Buckingham Gaol Museum. The museum holds a significant numismatic collection spanning all relevant periods.


Found on 10th September 2019 by known local metal detectorist with permission of the landowner. Has been recorded by local Finds Officer for PAS (BUC-F502B8-MEDIEVAL coin)Found in close proximity to Buckingham (i.e. within 1 mile)

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