LS Lowry is best known for his distinctive paintings of life in the streets around his home in Pendlebury, now a suburb of Salford.

However, from the mid-1930s he took regular holidays in Berwick-upon-Tweed, producing around 30 finished pictures of the seaside town before his death in 1976.

Beach Scene shows a jolly holiday crowd gathered on the sand beneath the rocky cliffs in the Spittal area of Berwick, across the River Tweed from the main town. The loose impasto brushstrokes suggest the picture was painted around 1960.

Lowry’s visits are fondly remembered in Berwick, where a five-mile-long Lowry Trail is punctuated with viewing points at the locations from which the artist composed his pictures. This painting, acquired at auction following an ambitious campaign to raise the funds, now becomes the first work by Lowry to join the collection at Berwick Museum & Art Gallery.

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with Crane Kalman Gallery, London, where purchased by the present owner in September 1991

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