This rare hoard of 56 Anglo-Saxon sceattas was unearthed near Alpington, Norfolk.

It is the fourth-largest hoard of its kind ever found in Britain.

Sceattas were minted in Britain and on the Continent in a wide variety of designs. The Alpington Hoard contains coins from seven series, with most dating from the period 675 to 710. Thirty-four of the coins are of a Continental type, minted in the area of modern Belgium or the Netherlands.

These sceattas will now join the collection of Norwich Castle Museum, where they will provide fascinating insight into both the development of trade and the use of currency in the early medieval period.


This hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins was found in metal-detection in Alpington, Norfolk, at TG 3010 0204 (Historic Environment Record No. 57041). It has been recorded as Treasure case 2012 T216.

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