Night Walk for Edinburgh is an immersive video work that was commissioned by the Fruitmarket Gallery as part of the 2019 Edinburgh International Festival.

Canadian artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are widely celebrated for their collaborations on video walks made for locations around the world. These hour-long walks comprise site-specific films that are presented on hand-held devices and which individuals are able to follow. The films are accompanied by an audionarrative written and presented by Cardiff. Night Walk for Edinburgh is the first and only video walk the artists have created in and for the UK.

Cardiff and Miller filmed the material for the walk during a residency in Edinburgh in 2018. The final work collages together impressions and experiences of the city, together with storytelling elements performed by actors. Participants connected to an iPod and headphones are led through Edinburgh’s Old Town as the tale unravels. The makers describe the work as part game-playing, part surrealistic poetry, part murder mystery.

Night Walk for Edinburgh proved a major hit with visitors to the 2019 Edinburgh International Festival, and the Fruitmarket Gallery will now be able to make it a regularly available experience.

Artists include

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