Marquee is a key element of Anywhen, Philippe Parreno’s 2016 site-specific Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern.

It is also a standalone work in its own right.

Anywhen ran for six months and comprised a range of media, from film and light to sound and digital art. A new sequence of events unfolded each day in response to the changing conditions of a colony of yeast living in the Turbine Hall.

Marquee, which hung in the space at Tate Modern during the run of Anywhen, is the last in a number of works of the same title created by Parreno since 2006. These works are inspired by the luminous signs that hung outside American movie theatres in the 1950s. In Parreno’s work they signify the entrance to an alternative, avant-garde space.

The Marquee for Anywhen produces patterns of light and sound in response to the data it receives from yeast or other sources. It also records these patterns, thus building up an archive of its own display history, as well as adding to this history with each new showing.

Parreno was born in Algeria and studied in Grenoble and Paris. He is known for his site-specific installations and his films, which include Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006), made in collaboration with artist Douglas Gordon.


Owned by the artist. Sold through Pilar Corrias Gallery, Barbara Gladstone and Esther Schipper Gallery.

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