Early firearms, eleven suits of armour, swords, halberds, crossbows etc.

European, 1531- early 19th century. Including: Royal Armoury at Dresden: match and wheel lock guns; Brescian pistols by Lazarin Cominazzo and Charles V gun barrell 1531; examples of the work of Joseph Manton, Alexander Forsyth, John Murdoch, John Christies, Thomas Gill, Caino, Ercole dei Fideli. Pieces belonging to Louis XIII, and with the arms of Cibo. Armour from the court at Segovia, Spain, from the ducal armoury at Lucca, Italy and a suit of Gothic armour.


Beriah Botfield, of Norton Hall, near Daventry; Marquess of Bath; Lady Beatrice Thynne; Lady Weymouth.

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